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The Cross-Training Specialists

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Cross-Training is a physical preparation program using “functional” cardiovascular and muscular exercises performed in circuit. These exercises involve several muscles and allow to burn energy at a higher level. Our daily trainings are different and` carried out at an intensity that is always adapted to your current level. By doing Cross-Training, your new physical condition will allow you to be more efficient in your regular daily activities.

The sessions

Each session includes a part that is focused on the technical development of a movement or on muscular gains, all with safety. The second part focuses on developing your “work capacity”, which includes your muscular and cardiovascular endurance. As a result, you will develop an extensive amount of components and skills, allowing you to improve all aspects of your physical condition.

Our approach

Our approach focuses on the technical and safety training of all movements to ensure a progression and an adequate muscular and cognitive development. Our greatest strength is our team’s expertise. Our coaches will always take the time to give you an alternative to modify a movement for you and will always adapt the intensity according to your level.

Group class

We offer you a free trial! Come and try one of our Cross-Training classes and take the pulse of the community to see for yourself if you like it!

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