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About us

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Le Vestiaire is your place of choice if you want to take your health with both hands once and for all or if you want to raise your fitness level optimally.

It is especially a warm space dedicated to your daily chatter, putting a particular emphasis on the social aspect of training. How each person entering Le Vestiaire is an integral part of our team.

And you don’t even have to be fit to start!

« Let's play together ? LOL »

Our team

Our team is primarily composed of individuals whose careers are based on training. Your progress is at the heart of our daily work.

In Le Vestiaire, you will always be coached by professional and competent trainers and kinesiologist, no matter what is your physical condition.

In our team, we only have health and physical activity professionnals with a huge experience in functional training.

For most of them, training and training others is their career and lifetime goal

« Live, Love and Vestiaire »

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