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I am a beginner

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Do you want to get in shape?

Have you never trained or do you go far? Good thing, you are among the majority of people who entered the Locker Room! Don’t worry, we’ll take you by the hand, and we offer you two options

Introduction to functional training

Whether or not you have experience in any type of training, we offer you our “The Founders” exploration subscription.

These are two one-hour private lessons with one of our coaches. The goal is to introduce you to the basic techniques of functional training in a safe manner and to ensure effective progression.

This subscription also gives you unlimited access to all our courses for a full month.

If, on the other hand, after your test you feel comfortable jumping into our classes, let’s go! Our trainers will individualize the exercises on the daily menu according to your current skills.

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Private training

If you prefer a more personalized follow-up, our coaches offer several private training time slots. It all starts with a postural assessment and a meeting to establish your short, medium and long term goals. Whether your goal is to gain mass, lose weight or get in shape, we’ll get you where you want!

It's your show!

Now sign up for a free trial to experience our wonderful world and the wonderful people who will be your next training partners.

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